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The hearing test is a vital part of the process of measuring and fitting hearing aids. Without an accurate assessment, the hearing aid cannot be properly programmed.

Tinnitus Treatment

More people than ever are seeking help for tinnitus. Tinnitus is a sound that occurs in the brain that no one can hear except the patient. The sounds will vary depending on the patient but are often described as buzzing, ringing, high pitched, ocean sea shell, etc. Usually it is most noticeable at night when going to sleep or early in the day when things are quiet.  Many people have mild random events that are dismissed as being non-intrusive. Others find it very distracting, raising their stress levels and blood pressure. In the worst cases, it is nearly debilitating.

The bad news is there is no cure. No medications or herbal treatments have been found effective. Some people find relief from wearing a hearing aid if they also have a hearing loss. For others, the hearing aid is not enough. It was discovered that if another sound were created it could distract the patient from their internal noise. Some people will play sounds such as a trickling stream of water or waves washing up on the shore, and it will relax them and reduce anxiety. Recently, many hearing aid manufacturers have added similar sounds that can be activated within the hearing aids to provide portable tinnitus relief. Results vary with the patient. The best approach is to experiment with the product before purchasing to determine the level of benefit. Widex and Oticon offer some of the most comprehensive treatments for tinnitus.

Hearing aid with tinnitus therapy


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