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Hearing aids should sound good, look good, and feel good.

For most people, hearing loss takes place gradually. Unconsciously, they develop strategies to help them cope better with daily interactions with people, like reading lips, guessing contextually, filling in the blanks, and smiling and faking it. At some point the frustration is overwhelming, and it’s obvious that something is not right with their hearing and action needs to be taken.

With a good hearing evaluation and fitting, hearing aids can often help restore much of what people are missing. Unfortunately, it's been so long since the brain has heard properly, it comes as quite a shock when all the extra stimulation provided by the hearing aid is presented, so time and a rehabilitation program is needed. The patient is slowly reintroduced to the world of sound at a rate that is comfortable for them. A younger person adapts very quickly. Those more advanced in age need more time. In almost every case, the hearing loss is treatable.

Siemens hearing aids

Today's newer technology has many features to help a patient acclimate to hearing optimally as soon as possible. The open fit hearing aid is a prime example. A small hearing aid that fits on top of the ear with a very thin, nearly invisible, wire that hooks into the ear canal. The tip, made of surgical silicone, is very soft and comfortable. Most have perforations to allow the free flow of air and sound naturally into the ear canal. This allows the hearing aid to supplement what their organic hearing is not able to pick up. The result is a natural sound and comfort that helps the hearing aid integrate into your normal everyday life, seamlessly.

However, not everyone has the same type of hearing loss, or their cosmetic needs may be more demanding. There is a hearing aid for every type of person. Invisible hearing aids are for those who are more concerned about appearances, while powerful aids are for those who are profoundly hearing impaired.

Oticon Hearing Aid Family

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Oticon Starkey ReSound Siemens EarQ

We service and repair all makes and models of hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Brands

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A leading manufacturer of hearing aids with a research and development lab that continues to provide superior sound manipulation and durability. For most fittings, these are our first choice due to the array of products and quality engineering. They also have a nice array of accessories that work wirelessly with the hearing aids.

Oticon hearing aids

Additional Brands

  • Widex - A leader in the area of tinnitus treatment.
  • Phonak - Strong array of products, long known for their classroom FM systems, now adapting with use of bluetooth wireless techonology and high beam directional accessories.
  • Others - Unitron, Rexton, Bernafon, Interton, Sebotek, MicroTech, and others can be serviced.
Hearing aid repair

Repair and Maintenance

As is the case with most equipment, hearing aids work best when clean. Each night when removing the hearing aids, they should be inspected for any build-up of wax (aka cerumen), dry skin, or grunge. Use a soft dry cloth or tissue paper to clean. Inspect the wax filters to be sure they are not caked with cerumen. You may find a toothbrush helpful in thoroughly cleaning in the grids and crevices of the hearing aid. Avoid alcohol, as it tends to deteriorate the casing and components. It is recommended the hearing aids be stored at night in a jar with desiccants. This will help extract any moisture that may have accumulated during the day.

Secure 4-Year Warranty

If you should break your hearing aid, please gather all the pieces together and bring it in to the office. Sometimes we can repair or reconstruct the hearing aid because we keep many spare parts on-hand. If not, we can send it to the manufacturer or a third party servicing business for repair.

Also ask us about the Secure 4-Year Warranty on all EarQ devices; it's the best warranty in the industry!

Hearing Aid Batteries

They come in four different sizes: 10 (yellow color code), 312 (brown), 13 (orange), 675 (blue). These are most often disposable and battery life is dependent upon size and how much drain is placed on them. 312 and 13 are available as rechargeable by Siemens, Rexton, and Hansaton.

Rayovac hearing aid batteries
Smartphone compatible hearing aids

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